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      Osmund M.
      Phillips and McCrea do great work. When I had my car accident they were very diligent in showing me the process. They took care of all the necessary paperwork and negotiation in my personal injury claim. They were both passionate and determined to get me my settlement. I am eternally grateful. Definitely 5 star lawyers in my book.
      Denise D.
      Philips and McCrea Law firm provided excellent service to entire family and friends. There have been several situations that I/family /friends have depended on their legal service’s. On each occasion they have been professional, knowledgeable and dependable. Providing excellent representation and guidance under stressful situations. I would highly recommend their legal service.
      S. Jackson
      I was recently injured in a car accident. Before hiring the firm, I tried to negotiate with the insurance company on my own and got no where. Marcel McCrea did an excellent job and helped me to recover much more than I expected. Marcel and his staff exceeded my expectations and provided great customer service. I highly recommend the firm!

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      Our Firm's Core Values

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      5 Mistakes That Could Harm Your Injury Claim

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      5 Mistakes That Could Harm Your Injury Claim

      Download our Free Injury Guide

      Charlotte Personal Injury Attorneys

      If you’ve landed on this webpage – it’s likely because you or someone dear to you has experienced a significant injury in an accident in Charlotte. We empathize with your current concerns.  We also understand that you may be feeling a mix of confusion about what lies ahead. The future can seem uncertain – you may be unsure about how to manage the potential expenses that could arise from this situation.

      Accidents can occur at any moment – often leaving individuals with physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens. When such incidents are caused by the negligence or intentional actions of others – victims have the right to seek legal recourse.  They are also able to hold responsible parties accountable. In Charlotte, North Carolina – personal injury cases play a crucial role in ensuring justice while providing compensation to those who have suffered harm. This article delves into the realm of personal injury law in Charlotte while seeking professional legal assistance.

      Understanding Personal Injury Law:

      Personal injury law encompasses a broad range of incidents – including motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries, truck accidents, and more. It involves seeking compensation for physical injuries, emotional distress, property damage, lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses resulting from the accident or incident.

      The legal basis for personal injury claims in Charlotte is founded on the principle of negligence. To establish negligence – the plaintiff must prove that the defendant owed a duty of care – breached that duty while causing the plaintiff’s injuries as a direct result of that breach.

      The Role of Charlotte Personal Injury Attorneys:

      Navigating the complexities of personal injury law can be daunting for an individual dealing with physical and emotional recovery. This is where the experience of our Charlotte personal injury attorneys becomes invaluable. A skilled attorney specializes in advocating for the rights of the injured party – guiding them through the legal process while pursuing maximum compensation on their behalf.

      Phillips & McCrea conducts a thorough investigation to gather evidence – such as accident reports, witness testimonies, medical records, and expert opinions. We work closely with the client to assess the extent of their injuries and losses – ensuring that no potential damages are overlooked.

      Settlement Negotiations and Trial:

      In many personal injury cases, the goal is to reach a fair settlement without going to trial. Our experienced Charlotte personal injury attorneys possess strong negotiation skills and aim to secure a satisfactory settlement that adequately compensates their clients for their injuries and losses.

      However, if an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, the case may proceed to trial. A proficient personal injury attorney will diligently prepare the case – presenting compelling arguments, calling witnesses, and cross-examining the defense. Throughout the trial, your attorney fights tirelessly to demonstrate the defendant’s liability to prove the extent of the plaintiff’s damages.

      Charlotte’s Legal System and Compensation:

      Charlotte’s legal system strives to provide fair and just compensation to personal injury victims. North Carolina follows the doctrine of contributory negligence, meaning that if the plaintiff is found to be even slightly at fault for the accident, they may be barred from recovering any compensation. This makes it crucial to have a skilled attorney who can build a strong case to establish the defendant’s negligence while minimizing any potential fault attributed to the plaintiff.

      In personal injury cases, compensation can cover various elements – including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, property damage, and future rehabilitation costs. Each case is unique. The amount of compensation awarded depends on the specific circumstances and the evidence presented.

      Expediting the Legal Process: Statute of Limitations and Time Constraints

      It is important for individuals who have sustained personal injuries in Charlotte to be aware of the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the time limit within which a legal claim must be filed. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally three years from the date of the injury. Failing to file a claim within this timeframe can result in the loss of the right to seek compensation.

      Engaging our Charlotte personal injury attorneys as soon as possible after an accident or incident is crucial. We can immediately begin gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and preserving important information necessary for building a strong case. Time is of the essence – as valuable evidence can deteriorate or become lost over time. By acting swiftly – an attorney can ensure that no vital details are overlooked and that the legal process moves forward efficiently.

      The Role of Insurance Companies:

      In many personal injury cases, insurance companies play a significant role – especially in motor vehicle accidents. Insurance providers have a vested interest in minimizing their financial liability and may employ various tactics to undervalue or deny a claim. Adjusters may attempt to settle the case quickly – offering a low amount that may not adequately cover the victim’s damages.

      Having our Charlotte personal injury attorneys on your side is crucial when dealing with insurance companies. We understand the tactics used by insurers and can advocate for your rights, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

      Emotional Support and Rehabilitation:

      Personal injuries often have long-lasting physical and emotional consequences. While legal representation focuses on obtaining financial compensation – it is equally important to address the emotional well-being and rehabilitation of the injured individual. Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys have strong connections with medical professionals and therapists who can provide necessary support to help victims recover physically and emotionally.

      We understand the complexities of calculating future damages, such as ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, and potential loss of earning capacity. We work diligently to ensure that all these factors are considered when seeking appropriate compensation, allowing the injured party to focus on their recovery without financial stress.

      The Importance of Documentation and Evidence:

      When pursuing a personal injury case in Charlotte, the importance of thorough documentation and evidence cannot be overstated. The strength of your case often hinges on the evidence you can present to support your claims and establish the defendant’s negligence. It is crucial to preserve relevant evidence from the scene of the incident – including photographs, videos, and witness statements.

      Medical records and reports are vital pieces of evidence that demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the necessary medical treatment you have received. These documents provide a clear picture of the physical and financial impact the injuries have had on your life. It is essential to maintain detailed records of all medical expenses – including hospital bills, medication costs, rehabilitation fees, and any other related expenses.

      Keeping a record of any communication with insurance companies – including letters, emails, or phone conversations, is crucial. This documentation helps track the progress of your case, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked during settlement negotiations or trial proceedings.

      The Power of Expert Witnesses:

      In complex personal injury cases – expert witnesses can play a pivotal role in strengthening your case. Expert witnesses are professionals who possess specialized knowledge and experience in a specific field relevant to your case. For example, in a medical malpractice case, a medical expert can provide insights into the standard of care and whether it was breached, while an accident reconstruction expert can help establish liability in a car accident case.

      Our Charlotte Personal injury attorneys have access to a network of qualified expert witnesses who can provide their professional opinions and testify in court on your behalf. These experts lend credibility to your claims and assist in proving the defendant’s negligence, further bolstering your case and increasing the likelihood of obtaining fair compensation.

      Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods:

      While personal injury cases often involve settlement negotiations or trial proceedings – alternative dispute resolution methods can also be pursued. Mediation and arbitration are alternative avenues that allow parties to resolve their disputes outside of court. These methods can be less time-consuming, less adversarial, and more cost-effective than going to trial.

      In mediation – a neutral third party facilitates communication between the parties and helps them reach a mutually agreeable settlement. In arbitration – an a private judge hears the evidence presented by both sides to render a decision that is binding or non-binding, depending on the agreement of the parties involved.

      Our Charlotte personal injury attorneys can guide you through the alternative dispute resolution process and help you determine whether it is a suitable option for your case. They can also negotiate on your behalf during mediation or present a compelling case during arbitration, ensuring your interests are protected throughout the process.

      Biggest mistakes after a Charlotte personal injury

      Experiencing a personal injury in Charlotte can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. In the aftermath of such an incident – it is important to be aware of common mistakes that individuals often make. These can potentially harm their personal injury claims. Avoiding these mistakes can significantly improve your chances of obtaining fair compensation. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Charlotte personal injury:

      Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention:

      One of the most crucial mistakes is neglecting to seek prompt medical attention after the injury. Even if you believe your injuries are minor – it is essential to get a comprehensive medical evaluation. Some injuries may not manifest symptoms immediately but can worsen over time. By delaying or avoiding medical treatment – you risk both your health and the strength of your personal injury claim. Insurance companies may argue that your injuries were not severe or that they were caused by something other than the accident.

      Not Reporting the Incident:

      Failing to report the incident to the appropriate authorities, such as the police or property owner, can weaken your case. Reporting the incident creates an official record to establish a timeline of events. Whether it is a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury, make sure to report it as soon as possible and obtain copies of the incident reports.

      Neglecting to Gather Evidence:

      Evidence is crucial in personal injury cases. Not collecting evidence at the scene of the accident or failing to document important details can significantly weaken your claim. Take photos of the accident scene – injuries, property damage, and any other relevant evidence. Collect contact information from witnesses who can support your version of events. Preserve any relevant documents – such as medical records, bills, and receipts related to your injury and treatment.

      Providing Recorded Statements Without Legal Counsel:

      Insurance companies often try to obtain recorded statements from accident victims shortly after the incident. It is important to remember that you are not obligated to provide a recorded statement without the presence or advice of your personal injury attorney. These statements can be used against you later in the claims process, as insurance adjusters may twist your words or use them to minimize your injuries and damages.

      Settling Too Quickly:

      The pressure to settle quickly and move on from the incident can be tempting – especially when dealing with mounting medical bills and other expenses. However, accepting an early settlement offer without fully understanding the extent of your injuries and future medical needs can be a significant mistake. Once you accept a settlement – you forfeit the right to seek further compensation, even if your injuries worsen or additional expenses arise. Consult with a personal injury attorney who can help assess the value of your claim and negotiate on your behalf for a fair settlement.

      Not Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney:

      Attempting to handle a personal injury claim without professional legal representation is a common mistake. Personal injury laws are complex – insurance companies have teams of lawyers working to protect their interests. Without a skilled personal injury attorney advocating for your rights, you may inadvertently make critical mistakes, undervalue your claim, or miss out on potential avenues for compensation. An attorney can provide guidance, negotiate with insurance companies, gather evidence, assess the true value of your claim, while representing your best interests throughout the entire legal process.

      Charlotte Personal Injury FAQs

      In Charlotte, North Carolina, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally three years from the date of the injury or accident. It is crucial to consult with a qualified attorney to understand the specific details and exceptions that may apply to your case.

      To establish negligence, you generally need to show that the defendant owed you a duty of care, breached that duty, and caused your injuries as a direct result of their breach. This often requires gathering evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, photographs, and expert opinions. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case and navigate the legal complexities of proving negligence.

      The time it takes to settle a personal injury case can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the complexity of the case, the extent of your injuries, and the willingness of the parties to negotiate. Some cases can be resolved in a matter of months, while others may take years, particularly if the case goes to trial. Consulting with a personal injury attorney can give you a better understanding of the timeline for your specific case.

      In a personal injury case, you may seek compensation for various damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, property damage, and future rehabilitation costs. The specific types and amount of compensation will depend on the circumstances of your case and the evidence presented. A personal injury attorney can assess your damages and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

      Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if they successfully recover compensation for you. Their fees are typically a percentage of the settlement or court award. It is important to discuss the fee structure and any potential costs with your attorney during the initial consultation.

      It is important to exercise caution when considering an insurance company’s settlement offer. Insurance companies often aim to minimize their financial liability and may offer a settlement that is lower than what you truly deserve. Before accepting any offer, it is advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney who can evaluate the offer and assess the full value of your claim. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

      Remember, for specific legal advice regarding your personal injury case in Charlotte, it is important to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney who can provide guidance based on the specific details of your situation.

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      Personal Injury Client Story

      This client story is for educational purposes only.

      One fateful day, a young woman named Emily found herself in the midst of a devastating car accident. She was driving to work when another driver, distracted by their phone, collided with her vehicle at high speed. The impact was severe, leaving Emily with multiple fractures, internal injuries, and emotional trauma.

      After her accident, Emily was overwhelmed by medical bills, pain, and the uncertainty of her future. She knew she needed legal representation to navigate the complexities of her personal injury claim and seek the compensation she deserved. That’s when she heard about Marcel McCrea, a highly respected personal injury lawyer in Charlotte.

      Emily decided to reach out to Marcel, and from their first meeting, she felt a sense of reassurance and confidence in his abilities. Marcel listened attentively to Emily’s account of the accident, empathizing with her pain and frustration. He explained the legal process in a clear and compassionate manner, ensuring that she understood her rights and options.

      Marcel immediately took charge of the case, conducting a thorough investigation into the accident. He gathered evidence, including accident reports, witness statements, and expert opinions, to establish the negligence of the distracted driver. Marcel also worked closely with Emily’s medical team to understand the full extent of her injuries and the impact they would have on her life.

      Throughout the process, Marcel consistently communicated with Emily, providing updates on the progress of her case and answering any questions or concerns she had. He understood the emotional toll the accident had taken on her and offered support and encouragement every step of the way.

      As the legal proceedings advanced, Marcel skillfully negotiated with the insurance company representing the negligent driver. He advocated fiercely on Emily’s behalf, using the strength of the evidence he had gathered to demonstrate the severity of her injuries and the impact on her quality of life. Marcel refused to settle for anything less than fair and just compensation.

      Recognizing Marcel’s reputation as a formidable litigator, the insurance company eventually agreed to a settlement that far exceeded their initial offer. With Marcel’s guidance, Emily received compensation not only for her medical expenses and lost wages but also for her pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

      Thanks to Marcel McCrea’s unwavering dedication and expertise, Emily was able to rebuild her life. The financial compensation she received provided the resources necessary for her continued medical treatment, rehabilitation, and emotional support. Marcel’s tireless efforts had not only won her case but also restored her faith in the justice system.

      Emily became an advocate for Marcel and his law firm, sharing her story with others who had suffered personal injuries in Charlotte. She praised Marcel’s professionalism, integrity, and genuine concern for his clients. His commitment to seeking justice and obtaining fair compensation had made a profound impact on her life and the lives of countless others.

      Marcel McCrea continues to fight for the rights of personal injury victims in Charlotte, never wavering in his commitment to serving the community. His name became synonymous with justice and compassion, and his clients knew they had a dedicated ally by their side.

      Contact Our Charlotte Personal Injury Attorneys at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC today!

      At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that follow a personal injury accident in Charlotte. If you or a loved one has been injured, we are here to help. Our experienced team of Charlotte personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and guiding you through every step of the legal process.

      Personalized Approach: We believe in the power of personalized attention. When you choose Phillips and McCrea, PLLC, you can expect individualized care and support. We take the time to listen to your story, understand your unique circumstances, and tailor our legal strategies to meet your specific needs.

      Extensive Legal Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases in Charlotte. With years of experience and a deep understanding of North Carolina’s laws, we have successfully handled a wide range of personal injury claims. From car accidents to slip and falls, medical malpractice to product liability, we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively represent your interests.

      Thorough Investigation: Building a strong case starts with a comprehensive investigation. Our attorneys work diligently to gather evidence, interview witnesses, review medical records, and consult with experts to establish liability and prove the extent of your damages. We leave no stone unturned in pursuing the evidence needed to support your claim.

      Aggressive Negotiation: Insurance companies often try to settle personal injury claims quickly and for the lowest possible amount. At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, we are skilled negotiators who understand the tactics employed by insurance companies. We will fight aggressively to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

      Trial-Ready Representation: While we strive to negotiate a favorable settlement, we are always prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and are skilled litigators. We will present a compelling case on your behalf, advocating for your rights and maximizing your chances of obtaining a favorable verdict.

      Compassionate Support: We recognize that dealing with a personal injury can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Our team is committed to providing compassionate support throughout the entire process. We will guide you through the legal complexities, offer clear and honest communication, and ensure that your concerns are heard and addressed.

      No Fees Unless We Win: At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay no upfront costs or legal fees unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Our priority is to secure the compensation you deserve, and we are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

      If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury in Charlotte, trust Phillips and McCrea, PLLC to be your dedicated legal advocates. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

      Client Reviews

      I received legal assistance from this firm and my experience with them was amazing. They are extremely professional and keep all business confidential. Everything was done in a timely and orderly fashion and being able to keep in close contact with the lawyers at this firm was reassuring. Phillips and McCrea have helped not only myself but my family and friends as well and I would strongly recommend them if you are in a legal bind.

      Maiya Louis

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