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      Osmund M.
      Phillips and McCrea do great work. When I had my car accident they were very diligent in showing me the process. They took care of all the necessary paperwork and negotiation in my personal injury claim. They were both passionate and determined to get me my settlement. I am eternally grateful. Definitely 5 star lawyers in my book.
      Denise D.
      Philips and McCrea Law firm provided excellent service to entire family and friends. There have been several situations that I/family /friends have depended on their legal service’s. On each occasion they have been professional, knowledgeable and dependable. Providing excellent representation and guidance under stressful situations. I would highly recommend their legal service.
      S. Jackson
      I was recently injured in a car accident. Before hiring the firm, I tried to negotiate with the insurance company on my own and got no where. Marcel McCrea did an excellent job and helped me to recover much more than I expected. Marcel and his staff exceeded my expectations and provided great customer service. I highly recommend the firm!

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      Download our Free Divorce Guide

      Charlotte Divorce Attorneys

      If you’ve arrived on this webpage- chances are you or a loved one is facing challenges with a divorce. Our Charlotte divorce attorneys genuinely empathize with the concerns you’re currently experiencing- recognizing the confusion that may accompany such circumstances. The path forward may appear uncertain- leaving you anxious about how to navigate potential expenses that could arise from this situation.

      Divorce is an emotionally challenging process that can significantly impact families. When facing the prospect of divorce in Charlotte, NC- it is essential to understand the legal framework, resources available, and the support systems in place to guide you through this difficult period. This web page aims to shed light on the divorce process in Charlotte. Also offer insights into the local legal landscape to help individuals navigate this life-altering transition.

      Legal Process:

      When initiating a divorce in Charlotte, NC, it is crucial to understand the legal requirements and procedures involved. North Carolina follows a “no-fault” divorce system, which means that couples can seek a divorce based on the grounds of separation for at least one year. Alternatively, couples can pursue a divorce based on incurable insanity or a spouse’s abandonment.

      To initiate the divorce process, one spouse must file a complaint for divorce with the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. The court will then serve the complaint to the other spouse, who will have an opportunity to respond. The court will address various aspects, including property division, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), and other relevant matters.

      Legal Representation:

      Obtaining legal representation during a divorce is highly recommended to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Charlotte boasts a wide range of experienced Charlotte divorce attorneys who specialize in divorce cases. These professionals can provide expert guidance and advocate on your behalf throughout the process. It is crucial to research and consult with multiple attorneys to find one who aligns with your needs and priorities.

      Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution:

      In Charlotte, mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods are often encouraged to facilitate a more amicable and efficient divorce process. Mediation allows couples to work together, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, to reach mutually acceptable agreements on various issues. These methods can be more cost-effective and reduce the emotional strain typically associated with a litigated divorce. Local mediators and collaborative law professionals can provide valuable assistance in this regard.

      Parenting and Co-Parenting Resources:

      When children are involved, the well-being and best interests of the child should remain a top priority during and after divorce. Charlotte offers numerous resources to support parents in navigating co-parenting arrangements and maintaining healthy relationships with their children. Organizations such as the Mecklenburg County Parenting Network and Parenting Coordinator Services provide valuable guidance, parenting classes, and counseling to assist families in the transition.

      Financial Considerations:

      Divorce entails financial implications, including property division, alimony, and child support. It is essential to understand North Carolina’s equitable distribution system, which aims to divide marital assets and debts fairly but not necessarily equally. Consulting with financial advisors or certified divorce financial analysts can help individuals make informed decisions regarding their financial future.

      Emotional Support and Counseling:

      Divorce can be emotionally challenging, and seeking support is vital during this time. Numerous counseling services, therapists, and support groups in Charlotte specialize in helping individuals and families cope with divorce-related issues. These resources provide a safe space to share experiences, gain perspective, and develop strategies for moving forward.

      Additional Resources for Divorce in Charlotte, NC:

      • Mecklenburg County Courthouse: The official website of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse provides essential information about the divorce process, filing procedures, and access to forms and resources. It is a valuable starting point for understanding the legal requirements and steps involved.
      • Legal Aid of North Carolina: This nonprofit organization offers free legal services to low-income individuals facing divorce and other family law matters. Legal Aid of North Carolina has an office in Charlotte and can provide eligible individuals with legal advice, representation, and guidance throughout the divorce process.
      • Mecklenburg County Bar Association: The Mecklenburg County Bar Association provides a directory of local attorneys specializing in family law and divorce cases. Their website can help you find qualified professionals who can offer legal advice tailored to your specific situation.
      • Divorce Support Groups: Support groups can provide a safe and empathetic environment to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. The DivorceCare program, for example, offers support groups in various locations, including Charlotte, where participants can share their stories, receive guidance, and find encouragement.
      • Family Life Skills: Family Life Skills is a nonprofit organization in Charlotte that offers programs and services to support individuals and families going through divorce. Their offerings include divorce education workshops, counseling services, and resources to help individuals navigate the emotional and practical challenges of divorce.
      • Collaborative Divorce Professionals: Collaborative Divorce is an alternative approach to traditional litigation, focusing on resolving issues through cooperation and mutual agreement rather than courtroom battles. Collaborative Divorce Professionals of Charlotte is an organization that connects individuals with attorneys, financial experts, and other professionals experienced in collaborative divorce to help couples achieve a more peaceful and cooperative separation.

      Absolute Divorce


      In North Carolina, an absolute divorce is generally obtained on the basis of a one year separation. Once a married couple has lived apart for one year, without resuming the marital relationship, either spouse may obtain an absolute divorce, even if one of the parties does not wish to.  Attempts at reconciliation can reset the 12 month period clock, however isolated instances of sexual intercourse will not automatically end the period of continuous separation. You cannot file for an absolute divorce until the next business day after your one-year separation.

      From the date of service, your spouse has 30 days to answer your Complaint for Divorce and may even be granted a 30-day extension, making it 60 days before you can get a court date. If your spouse does not choose to answer your Complaint, we can automatically file for a court date after the 30-day answer period has lapsed. Each county in North Carolina differs in how long it will take to get a court date for the finalization of the divorce decree. As such, it can take from 8 to 12 weeks before you obtain your divorce decree. With the assistance of our Family Law Firm you may never have to appear in court and our Charlotte, NC Absolute Divorce Attorneys will ensure your divorce is finalized as quickly as possible.

      If you are planning to remarry, do not set the wedding date until your divorce judgment is in your hands.

      Biggest mistakes made in Charlotte Family Law

      Going through a divorce is never easy, and it’s essential to approach the process with caution and avoid common mistakes that can complicate matters further. As experienced Charlotte divorce attorneys, we have witnessed many individuals make errors that negatively impacted their divorce settlements. To help you navigate this challenging period, here are some mistakes to avoid:

      1. Failing to Seek Legal Guidance

      One of the biggest mistakes people make during a divorce is not seeking legal guidance from a qualified divorce attorney. Even if your separation seems amicable, it’s crucial to understand your rights and obligations under North Carolina divorce laws. At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC., we have extensive experience in family law and can provide you with the knowledge and guidance necessary to protect your interests and make informed decisions throughout the process.

      1. Letting Emotions Drive Decision Making

      Divorce can bring up a range of intense emotions, including anger, sadness, and frustration. It’s important to try to keep emotions in check and avoid making impulsive decisions based solely on how you feel at the moment. Emotional decision making can lead to regret and potentially harm your chances of achieving a fair settlement. Our Charlotte divorce attorneys at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC. understands the emotional complexities of divorce and will provide you with the support and guidance needed to make clear-headed decisions.

      1. Ignoring Financial Considerations

      Financial matters are a significant aspect of divorce proceedings. Failing to give adequate attention to financial considerations can have long-term consequences. Make sure to gather all relevant financial documents, including bank statements, tax returns, and investment portfolios. At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC., our experienced Charlotte divorce attorneys can help you assess your financial situation, analyze potential outcomes, and work towards a fair division of assets and debts.

      1. Overlooking the Importance of Communication

      Effective communication is key during a divorce. Failing to communicate openly and honestly with your spouse and your attorney can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts. It’s important to express your concerns and needs clearly while also being open to compromise and negotiation. Our team at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC. can help facilitate effective communication and ensure your voice is heard throughout the process.

      Charlotte, NC Divorce FAQs

      The duration of a divorce process can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the case, the level of cooperation between both parties, and the court’s schedule. In North Carolina, there is a mandatory waiting period of one year from the date of separation before a divorce can be granted. However, this waiting period can be reduced to six months if the couple meets specific criteria. Working with a skilled divorce attorney at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC. can help streamline the process and navigate any potential delays.

      North Carolina follows an equitable distribution model for property division. This means that marital assets and debts are divided in a manner that the court deems fair and equitable, although not necessarily equal. The court considers various factors, including the length of the marriage, each party’s financial situation, and contributions made during the marriage. It’s important to consult with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to ensure that your assets are fairly divided according to North Carolina law.

      When determining child custody and visitation arrangements, North Carolina courts prioritize the best interests of the child. Factors such as the child’s relationship with each parent, the ability of each parent to provide a stable home environment, and the child’s wishes, depending on their age and maturity, are taken into consideration. The court may also consider any history of domestic violence or substance abuse. Our experienced divorce attorneys at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC. can guide you through the child custody process and help you protect your child’s well-being.

      No, alimony is not automatically awarded in every divorce case. Whether or not alimony is awarded depends on various factors, including the duration of the marriage, the income and earning potential of each spouse, and the contributions made during the marriage. North Carolina courts consider both the need of the dependent spouse and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. Our divorce lawyers can assess your specific circumstances and provide you with personalized advice regarding alimony.

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      Client Charlotte Divorce Story

      This client story is for educational purposes only.

      In the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a divorce case was being fought with fervor, emotions running high, and stakes higher than ever. It was a case that would test the limits of the legal system, and the outcome would shape the lives of those involved for years to come. Little did they know that their guardian angel, attorney Natalie Andruczyk from Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, would step in to champion their cause.

      The divorce case involved Laura, a compassionate mother of two, who found herself embroiled in a bitter dispute with her soon-to-be ex-husband, David . Laura’s world had been turned upside down by allegations of misconduct and an aggressive legal battle initiated by David. Faced with the daunting prospect of losing custody of her children and significant financial assets, she knew she needed someone with unwavering dedication and expertise to stand by her side.

      Enter Natalie Andruczyk, a family law attorney known for her tenacity and compassion. Natalie took on Laura’s case, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the need for an unyielding advocate. She meticulously reviewed the facts, dissected the evidence, and prepared a strategic legal plan to ensure Laura’s rights were protected.

      Natalie’s first priority was to ease Laura’s anxieties and build a strong attorney-client relationship based on trust and open communication. She listened attentively to Laura’s concerns, fears, and hopes for the future, assuring her that she would fight tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for her and her children.

      With a thorough understanding of the case, Natalie embarked on a comprehensive investigation. She painstakingly gathered evidence, interviewed witnesses, and consulted with experts to strengthen Laura’s position. Natalie left no stone unturned, uncovering crucial information that would ultimately prove pivotal in the courtroom.

      Armed with a robust legal strategy, Natalie fearlessly stepped into the courtroom, ready to challenge every claim made by David’s legal team. Her confidence, sharp intellect, and persuasive arguments were undeniable, leaving opposing counsel scrambling to keep up. Natalie’s expertise in family law, coupled with her ability to remain composed under pressure, commanded the respect of the judge and jury alike.

      Throughout the trial, Natalie’s unwavering dedication to Laura’s case was evident. She cross-examined witnesses with precision, dismantling their credibility and exposing inconsistencies in their testimony. Her legal acumen and attention to detail showcased the depth of her preparation, leaving no doubt as to the veracity of Laura’s claims.

      Natalie’s masterful courtroom presence, combined with her ability to connect with the judge and jury on a personal level, ensured that Laura’s story was heard. She humanized her client, painting a vivid picture of a loving mother committed to the well-being of her children. Natalie showcased Laura’s character, her unwavering devotion, and her unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.

      As the trial concluded, tension hung heavy in the air, awaiting the judge’s decision. Days turned into an agonizing wait, but Natalie never wavered in her belief that justice would prevail. Finally, the day arrived when the judge rendered the verdict—a resounding victory for Laura.

      Contact our Charlotte Divorce Attorneys at Phillips & McCrea, PLLC today!

      At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, we understand that going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging and emotionally charged experiences in a person’s life. Our dedicated team of Charlotte divorce attorneys are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals involved in North Carolina divorce cases. Here’s how we can help:

      Experienced Legal Representation: Our Charlotte divorce attorneys have extensive experience in handling divorce cases in North Carolina. We are well-versed in North Carolina’s family law statutes and are equipped to navigate the complex legal landscape on your behalf. We will advocate for your rights, protect your interests, and work towards securing the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

      Personalized Legal Strategies: We recognize that every divorce case is unique, with its own set of circumstances and complexities. Our Charlotte divorce attorneys will take the time to understand your specific needs, goals, and concerns. We will tailor a personalized legal strategy that takes into account your priorities, whether it involves child custody, property division, alimony, or other related matters.

      Skilled Negotiation and Mediation: While we are fully prepared to litigate your case in court, we also understand the value of alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and mediation. Our Charlotte divorce attorneys are skilled negotiators who can work towards amicable settlements, saving you time, money, and unnecessary emotional stress. We will strive to find common ground and achieve mutually beneficial agreements whenever possible.

      Aggressive Advocacy in Court: If litigation becomes necessary, rest assured that we are seasoned trial attorneys who are unafraid to aggressively advocate for your rights in the courtroom. We will meticulously prepare your case, gather evidence, and present compelling arguments to the judge. Our goal is to provide a strong and persuasive representation that supports your desired outcome.

      Comprehensive Support: We understand that divorce involves not only legal aspects but also emotional and practical challenges. Our compassionate team is here to provide comprehensive support throughout the process. We can refer you to trusted professionals, such as therapists, financial advisors, and counselors, who can assist you with the emotional, financial, and practical aspects of your divorce.

      Post-Divorce Assistance: Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the divorce process. We can help with post-divorce matters, such as modifications to custody or support orders, enforcement of court orders, and any other issues that may arise after the divorce is finalized. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and be a trusted resource for any future legal needs.

      At Phillips & McCrea, PLLC, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and zealous representation to individuals involved in Charlotte divorce cases. With our expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to your best interests, we aim to guide you through this challenging time and help you achieve a positive resolution that sets the foundation for a brighter future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a new chapter in your life.

      Client Reviews

      I received legal assistance from this firm and my experience with them was amazing. They are extremely professional and keep all business confidential. Everything was done in a timely and orderly fashion and being able to keep in close contact with the lawyers at this firm was reassuring. Phillips and McCrea have helped not only myself but my family and friends as well and I would strongly recommend them if you are in a legal bind.

      Maiya Louis

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