Why You Shouldn’t DIY Resolving a Personal Injury Claim With An Insurance Company

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, it’s vital to consult an attorney for help. However, the moment people have to work with an attorney, they automatically think about the expenses they will need to bear. As a result, they are drawn towards DIY approaches to save money.

Unfortunately, resolving a personal injury claim with an insurance company without the assistance of an attorney can lead to all kinds of issues. To show you what challenges you may face in this regard, Phillips and McCrea, Attorneys at Law PLLC, has explained two reasons why you shouldn’t DIY resolving a personal injury claim with an insurance company.

1. Recovering less money
The financial implications of handling an injury claim without the assistance of an experienced attorney are massive. Insurance companies have a goal of resolving claims for as little as possible. Handling an injury claim without the assistance of a seasoned attorney almost always results in an undervalued claim.

2. Denial of insurance claims
An insurance company may deny coverage for the insured due to numerous reasons. For instance, you may have waited too long after an accident to file your claim or failed to submit an independent medical examination report.

Do things right – Hire a professional!
Your insurance company may breach its duty to you by failing to investigate a claim, failing to negotiate a settlement, or initiating an unwarranted denial of injury claims. Therefore it’s better to hire a personal injury lawyer than to go at it alone. They have the experience and the knowledge necessary to present your claim or lawsuit in the best possible light.

Moreover, most attorneys handle injury matters on a contingency basis. That is, the attorney is paid a percentage of the money recovered and is not paid if there is no recovery. Furthermore, there is usually no upfront out-of-pocket expense to an injured client when hiring an attorney.

If you’re looking for a seasoned attorney to help you claim the insurance you deserve, reach out to Phillips and McCrea, Attorneys at Law PLLC. We are an injury and family law firm in Charlotte, NC. We work diligently to overcome insurance company denials and recover damages for our injured clients. Our primary practice areas include social security disability, personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation, and family law.

If you have any questions about injury claims, or to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.

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