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Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Lawyer

It’s impossible to predict when tragedy will strike like in the case of car accidents, injury from medical malpractices, or custody struggles. Fighting legal battles related to these matters can get emotional and messy, but with the help of the right law firm, you can sail smoothly through the trying times. Attorneys are professionals with […]

The Grief With Strieff

The criminal defense attorney’s quiver contains several arrows, useful in defending clients against government overreach and constitutional violations.  One of these arrows is the US Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio.  The main holding of that case is that an officer must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to perform an investigative stop of a person.  […]

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Coal

One highly particularized automotive subculture for diesel pickup trucks has produced the phenomenon of “rolling coal” or “coal rolling.” For the uninitiated, diesel truck owners modify their on-board computers and exhaust systems to cause the vehicle to run an ultra-rich fuel-to-air mixture (i.e. feeding more diesel fuel into the engine than normal). The result is […]