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At the least, a car accident is an inconvenience that makes you late and damages your car’s paint or body. At the worst, a car accident can mean serious injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, or even death. If your car accident is the result of another driver’s negligence, you should not be on the hook for your losses. North Carolina law holds negligent drivers accountable for the damages their negligent driving causes.

To prove negligence in an automobile accident, your personal injury attorney will need to prove (1) the other driver was legally required to be reasonably careful in the particular situation (this one is a given since drivers must use caution at all times); (2) other the driver was not reasonably careful; and (3) the other driver's conduct caused actual injury or damage to you.

The most important thing you can do to protect your rights after being involved in an automobile accident is to document everything. This includes taking pictures of the accident scene as soon as you are safe from the accident and surrounding traffic. Be sure to take detailed notes of the circumstances of the accident and license plates or vehicle descriptions of potential witnesses. All of this information will be crucial in seeking recovery for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and damaged property.

A civil claim for damages arising out of a car accident is a complex process that involves strict deadlines and in-depth investigation and evidence-gathering. You should trust the talented and experienced personal injury attorneys of Phillips and McCrea to handle your car accident case. We give free consultations and we don’t get paid unless you do!

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