What Makes Phillips & McCrea, PLLC Stand Out

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About Phillips and McCrea, PLLC

Phillips and McMcrea is an injury law firm, established in May of 2008. Our primary practice areas are social security disability, personal injury, wrongful death, workers compensation and family law. We operate mostly in the State of North Carolina, but with respect to Social Security Disability, we can function nationwide.

Our company today is in a state of growth as we try to stay extremely cutting edge in terms of technology. We strive to provide the client with as much convenience as possible. Everything is web based to cut down on the paper and waste as we’re trying to keep a small footprint on the environment.

The Phillips and McCrea, PLLC Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is that we are an innovative and aggressive injury firm. We are diverse in background and makeup which is an absolute asset in today’s world. What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is this diversity of opinion, cultural and gender makeup which allows us to offer differing but useful and powerful opinions and ideas about how best to proceed with each of our client’s cases.

Each client is unique despite having the same or similar issue. We suspect that being cutting edge, methodical and aggressive are qualities that each client would find attractive when searching for an attorney in our practice areas.

A client may choose us over one of our natural competitors because we provide a smooth client experience. We offer the convenience of technology and attempt to accommodate the client at every turn. We also provide an eclectic body of legal minds to approach each case strategically.

One of our biggest achievements has been our firm joining the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This forum is limited to firms that have netted this in one case settlement or award.

Looking to the future, we would eventually like to expand the firm to several cities in North Carolina and to South Carolina as well.

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