What Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured while at work, it is vital to understand what is and is not covered by North Carolina workers’ compensation laws. These rules create strict guidelines concerning workers and their rights to pursue compensation. Just because you were at work when you were injured does not mean that you automatically qualify for benefits.

To be covered by compensation laws, your injury-causing incident must fall into the following categories:

  • You must work for a company and in a capacity that is mandated to have workers’ compensation coverage under North Carolina law.
  • The injury, illness, or disability that you suffered occurred because of your job and while you were performing the duties involved in your employment.
  • You gave your employer a written notice of the incident that caused your injury or illness within 30 days of when it happened.
  • A medical report states that your injury, disability, or illness was caused by an on-the-job accident or condition.

Unfortunately, even incidents that appear to clearly qualify for compensation may be disputed by employers and their insurance providers. You will need to collect sound evidence and the support of medical professionals to prove that you do indeed deserve compensation for as long as it is needed.

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