If Your Case is Denied

If your worker's compensation claim is denied, the insurance carrier and the employer have decided that your injury did not rise as a result of an on the job accident and is not compensable under the North Carolina Workers Compensation Act. You will be notified of this denial with a form 61. If your case is denied, do not discuss your case any further with the insurance adjuster. You may be asked to give a recorded statement as part of the investigation of your claimed injury. We discourage our clients from giving a recorded statement to the adjuster in any claim. The recorded statement may place your chances of recovery under the act in jeopardy. It is important that you contact us immediately so the attorneys at Phillips and McCrea can help preserve your rights under the North Carolina Workers Compensation Act.

“Form 61” is a denial form, advising that your claimed injury was rejected and that you are not entitled to workers compensation benefits under the North Carolina Workers Compensation Act. If you get this form, you need an experienced North Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyer. Please get in touch with our workers’ compensation lawyers in Charlotte, NC immediately for a free consultation and case evaluation. Time is of the essence.

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