If Your Case is Accepted

If your worker's compensation case is accepted by the insurance carrier,  you will receive a copy of “Form 60” or “Form 63”. These forms give notice and information regarding the acceptance of your case. Each form is very different and it is important that you consult with an experienced attorney to understand the meaning of each form.

  • “Form 60” is a notice to all parties and the Industrial Commission that the employer and insurance carrier are accepting liability for your on-the-job accident and injury. It should list the injured body parts being covered

  • “Form 63” is the “Pay without Prejudice” Form, in which the insurance carrier and employer agree to cover you for now, while continuing to investigate your work-related accident and injuries. They have 90 days to deny the claim if they use “Form 63”. If your Form 63 says “medical only” you need to contact this office, because “medical only” is a very confusing determination that you should consult with an attorney about.

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