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When you enter onto the property of another, you trust that the people in charge of that property have made it safe for you to enter and move about on the property. Injuries that you suffer on another person’s property are covered under a specific area of personal injury law called “premises liability.” Under premises liability law, property owners have an obligation to keep their property safe. If there are parts of the property that may be potentially dangerous, they must warn visitors. When property owners fail to keep their property safe or offer enough warnings about potential hazards, they may be liable when visitors injure themselves.

Under North Carolina premises liability law, the person who injured you is responsible for past, current, and future estimated medical expenses; time you have lost from work; property damage; any permanent disfigurement or disability; emotional distress, which can include anxiety, depression, and interference with your family relationships; a change in your ability to earn money in the future because of your injury; and any other costs that are related to your injury.

However, it can often be difficult to win damages in North Carolina premises liability cases because of our contributory negligence statute. Contributory negligence means if you were even the least bit responsible for your injuries, you are prohibited from recovering anything. If you think you’re at risk of being found negligent for your injuries, you need a strong legal team to argue your side.

A civil claim for damages arising out of a slip-and-fall is a complex process that involves strict deadlines and in-depth investigation and evidence-gathering. You should trust the talented and experienced personal injury attorneys of Phillips and McCrea to handle your slip-and-fall case. We give free consultations and we don’t get paid unless you do!

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