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There are four options available for those who wish to adopt in North Carolina:

    • Independent Adoptions - In an independent adoption, the adopting couple locates a child that is available for adoption either from North Carolina or another state without the assistance of an adoption agency.
    • Agency Assisted Adoptions - An adoption agency, licensed by the State of North Carolina, can assist adoptive parents in locating a child to adopt.
    • Facilitators - Facilitators assist biological parents in finding and locating prospective adoptive parents. Prospective adoptive parents can also request the assistance of a facilitator in locating a child that is available for adoption. Facilitators are not licensed to place children for adoption and in North Carolina are not permitted to charge for their services.
    • International Adoptions - An adoption agency, licensed by the State of North Carolina, can assist adoptive parent[s] in locating a child to adopt from a foreign country. The agency guides the parents through the process. The adoptive parent[s] should carefully consider which country they are interested in and choose an agency with affiliations in that country.

Our Child Adoption Attorneys in Charlotte, NC assists families with independent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, relative adoptions, and adult adoptions.

Child Adoption Laws are quite complex; working with an experienced adoption attorney can help ensure that your adoption process proceeds smoothly. Our Charlotte, NC Adoption Attorneys can help explain your rights and options and the adoption process.


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