Owner Spotlight: Michael Phillips

I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. I studied at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. There I found rich opportunities for personal growth. I was President of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. This experience was invaluable in my leadership development.

I was inspired by my Grandfather who was a very successful businessman in New York City. My goal is to make him proud!

Our injury law firm has been in business since October 2007. We are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to those who have suffered from injury or disability.

Every morning I start the day with a workout before dropping my daughter off at pre-school. I drive 15 minutes into the office. My day starts with a careful reading of updates on my pending cases. I am also dedicated to staying abreast of news and developments in the areas of injury practice in which I focus. I spend considerable time on the phone, conducting initial consultations, keeping up with clients; I believe in keeping ahead of the curve on my cases. My average day in the office lasts 10 hours. That’s part of why I need to stay in top shape.

Daily, I face important decisions about how to attract and serve new clients for our business. The top three skills I rely on are negotiating, planning and being able to meet deadlines.

I am absolutely thrilled upon learning when a client feels that they are better off having retained the services of my firm. Maintaining personal contact and a relationship with my very first client from 10 years ago is one of the most satisfying achievements in my business career.

I admire Apple. I feel that this is a company with a vision that has absolutely changed the way we look at technology. It’s been transformative in how we work and play. Moreover, they’ve accomplished this in the shortest of time spans. Their industry leadership has stimulated innovation in the field; other companies have to keep up to stay competitive.

In my spare time, in addition to weight lifting and exercise, I love being the Prince of my daughter’s daily Disney Princess dress up routine. I am a dog lover. I adore my two dogs and enjoy long walks in the neighborhood.

I embrace the values of honor, courage and commitment. As a former member of the United States Marine Corps; veteran’s issues are very important to me.

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