Owner Spotlight: Michael Phillips

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I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. I studied at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. There I found rich opportunities for personal growth. I was President of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. This experience was invaluable in my leadership development.


Advantages of Hiring a Work Injury Lawyer

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advantages of hiring a work injury lawyer

Working in a factory can often lead to various hazards. Especially when working in heavy vehicle manufacturing units or in big chemical plants where you are dealing with big machines and other types of heavy equipment. Accidents can happen at anytime


Legal Expertise to Expect when you Choose our Injury Practice Law Firm

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Law Firms in Charlotte NC, Business Law Attorneys, Personal injury, Wrongful death , Workers compensation, Disability, Immigration,

A good lawyer brings a lot to the table: knowledge of legal procedure, support staff to process paperwork, negotiating expertise and more, therefore the base line remains to locate a lawyer who is well-versed in the law and applicable procedure of your Injury claim. Always choose an injury attorney from his/her track record, challenges undertaken and of couse someone you can place total confidence in


Do I Really Need A Lawyer, Is This Something That I Can Do Myself?

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Its 3:30 in the afternoon, and I have just finished a consultation with You, potential client about a legal matter. After spending 45 minutes with you, the potential client, discussing the merits of your case, not yet down to the nuts and bolts, but definitely a very detailed discussion about the “ins and outs”, you lean back and cup your chin with your hand, although you have no inkling of a beard and not even a 5 o’clock shadow to rub, you gesture with your hand as if you do. You look toward the ceiling and then back at me,……


Attorneys at law

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Michael C. Phillips Military—United States Marine Corps, Judge Advocate Corps, 1997-2007; Judge Advocate, 2003-2007; Honorable Discharge, Captain, 2007; National Minority Officers Association, Judge Advocate, Operation Iraqi Freedom III Biography—Vice President, Black Law Students Association, 2000-2001. Associate of Hispanic Law Students Association. Law School—North Carolina Central University School of Law, J.D., 2001 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated College—University of South Carolina, B.A., 1998 Admitted to the Bar—2003, North Carolina To contact me directly feel free to email me:   Marcel A. McCrea Law School : North Carolina Central University School of Law, JD 2004 College: North Carolina Central University , BA 2001-Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc Admitted to the Bar: North……