Is the IRS Knocking at Your Door?

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Well, first of all that all depends on if you have been able to actually find a work from home based type job. There are plenty of opportunities on the internet and many of them are promising things that they are certainly unable to provide. There are surprisingly many very legitimate and rewarding opportunities to work from home. There still has to be some effort made by the wannabe stay at home tycoon, but if the person is willing to do so, then there is an opportunity awaiting that person. I came across this young man’s story on the……


Do I Really Need A Lawyer, Is This Something That I Can Do Myself?

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Its 3:30 in the afternoon, and I have just finished a consultation with You, potential client about a legal matter. After spending 45 minutes with you, the potential client, discussing the merits of your case, not yet down to the nuts and bolts, but definitely a very detailed discussion about the “ins and outs”, you lean back and cup your chin with your hand, although you have no inkling of a beard and not even a 5 o’clock shadow to rub, you gesture with your hand as if you do. You look toward the ceiling and then back at me,……